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CCMS is constantly focusing on major areas of concern to our physician members while monitoring the political and business climate. Advocacy is one of our core values, and our efforts locally, statewide, and nationally address critical issues on behalf of physicians and patients.

CCMS sends a delegation to the FMA House of Delegates each year where FMA policy is formed and a strong legislative agenda is created. We meet regularly with our legislators to advocate for members and their patients, and provide important commentary and information to the press. The CCMS Political Action Committee (PAC) supports the campaigns of physician & patient-friendly candidates at local and state levels with contributions from our members and their spouses.

CCMS members are invited to join the CCMS Legislative Committee to assist with our advocacy efforts; email us for details. CCMS members and spouses are encouraged to contribute to the CCMS PAC. Read below or call CCMS at 239-435-7727 for more information.

Elections & Voting in SWFL

What is the CCMS PAC?

To pass laws that protect patients and support the medical profession, physicians need strong allies among local and state elected officials. The Collier County Medical Society Political Action Committee was created to help elect candidates to local and state offices who are aligned with CCMS healthcare advocacy policies. The CCMS PAC can donate to political campaigns, while CCMS itself cannot.

The CCMS PAC solicits voluntary contributions from physicians, their spouses, medical students, and resident physicians to research, interview, and support the election of medicine-friendly candidates.

Is the CCMS PAC non-partisan?

Yes. The CCMS PAC can support pro-medicine candidates of any political parties. The CCMS PAC works closely with CCMS physician members and medical societies from around the state to identify pro-medicine candidates as they seek elected office.

Who can contribute to the CCMS PAC?

Anyone who wishes to support medicine-friendly candidates, including physicians, their spouses, medical students, and resident physicians can support the PAC. The suggested contribution is $100 annually. Medical practices and medical staffs may contribute as well. Contribute Here *PAC Contributions are not tax deductible.

 When you contribute to the CCMS PAC, you help make Collier County and Florida a better place to practice medicine by helping pro-medicine candidates get elected. Your dollars help ensure that physicians have a voice in government, which is vital in passing pro-medicine legislation and defeating harmful bills.

Who serves on the CCMS PAC Board?

The CCMS PAC Board is comprised of physician leaders from around the county, and one CCMS Alliance member, and the CCMS Executive Director.

Board Members:
Rolando Rivera, MD – Chair
Catherine Campbell
April Donahue
Catherine Kowal, MD
Mitchell Zeitler, MD

Whom do I contact for more information?

Contact CCMS Executive Director, April Donahue, 239-435-7727 with questions or to donate. We can also forward questions to any of the PAC board members.

Elections & Voting in SWFL

Current Elected Officials

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*Note: Because Florida is a closed primary state, voters may only vote within their registered party during primary elections.