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It is the mission of CCMS to: Serve the needs of our physician members so they can better serve the needs of the community.

As part of that mission, it is important that we provide our members and their patients educational information on issues affecting the health of our community.

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CCMS Physicians Care – The COVID-19

Learn more about how physicians are caring for our community in the wake of COVID-19 and find resources to help you stay healthy and safe.

Where can I find Florida COVID data?

CCMS Physicians Care: The COVID-19 Crisis
Our safety recommendations
** Obtain a COVID vaccination if eligible
** Wash your hands frequently, scrubbing for 20 seconds
** Stay home when showing any symptoms
** Contact your physician regarding your personal healthcare needs
** Follow CDC recommendations regarding masks and physical distancing

CCMS Physicians Care:
Compassion Continues During the COVID-19 Outbreak

featuring our community’s healthcare providers

Video: Compassion Continues During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Article: Compassion Continues During the COVID-19 Outbreak



CCMS Physicians Care

Learn more about the physician-patient relationship with spotlights on local physicians and patients. CCMS physicians have the heart and the training to provide your medical care. And they are on your team.

CCMS Physicians Care:
Building Life-long Trust

featuring Dr. Leela Lavasani

Video – Building Life-long Trust

Article – Building Life-long Trust



CCMS Physicians Care:
Supporting the health of the community

featuring Dr. Mark Josephson


CCMS Physicians Care:
Bringing heart and training to the practice of medicine

featuring Dr. Carlos Portu


CCMS Women’s Health Forum

A FREE PUBLIC EVENT featuring educational talks from local physicians, an exhibit hall featuring services for women, and light refreshments.

The Women’s Health Forum is a public service event presented in conjunction with the Foundation of CCMS to provide informative presentations on women’s health topics. Physician members of CCMS give talks in breakout sessions to 350-400 attendees at this annual morning event each winter/spring. View our events page for details on the next Women’s Health Forum.

Helpful Resources for Patients

CCMS Speakers Bureau
Give your organization the best physician speakers in Collier County. CCMS member speakers are available to speak to your group meeting on a variety of healthcare topics and issues of concern to those interested in promoting good health. There is no charge for this service. Email us for details.

CCMS Patient/Physician Grievance Program
The CCMS Grievance Committee helps patients and members resolve misunderstandings and communication difficulties. This valuable service assists patients and physicians in settling disputes as an alternative to the patient seeking resolution within the legal system. Email us for more information.

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