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Why Constant Contact?
Their platform offers tailored email marketing solutions designed specifically for healthcare professionals, enabling effective communication while empowering prospective patients and strengthening patient relationships. With user-friendly tools and a variety of templates, creating compelling email campaigns is simple even for those with limited technical expertise. Consistent and informative communication builds patient trust and loyalty, enhancing their overall experience, and robust analytics provide valuable insights to refine your marketing strategies.

9 Healthcare Marketing Strategies to Find and Engage Patients:
1. Email marketing
2. Referral programs
3. Digital resources to boost search engine optimization (SEO)
4. Online reviews and reputation management
5. Social media
6. Pay-per-click advertising
7. Google Business Profile
8. Be an authority in the healthcare space
9. Brand consistency and time-saving tools for multiple accounts

Constant Contact Digital Marketing Resource for Medical Practices:
5 Healthcare Marketing Ideas that work
Healthcare advertising strategies to get more leads
Strategies to find and engage more patients

For more information, visit the CCMS member sign-up page, or contact CCMS. We look forward to helping you grow your practice!