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COVID-19 Resources

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Patient/Physician Grievance Program
The CCMS Grievance Committee helps patients and members resolve misunderstandings and communication difficulties. This valuable service assists patients and physicians in settling disputes as an alternative to the patient seeking resolution within the legal system. Email us for more information.

Speakers Bureau
Physicians who participate in the Speakers Bureau are able to offer you presentations, seminars and lectures on a variety of health topics. These presentations are interesting, informative and present current information and issues of concern to those interested in promoting good health. Our CCMS member speakers are available to speak to your group meeting at lunchtime or dinner engagements or at other times by arrangement. Give your organization the best physician speakers in Collier County. There is no charge for this service. Email us for details.

Specialty Care & Prescription Assistance
Physician Led Access Network (PLAN) can help provide free medical care to qualified low-income, uninsured Collier County residents. Many CCMS member physicians volunteer their services to PLAN. PLAN also brings prescription savings at no cost to you. Call 239-776-3016 to collect your card or download and print a copy.

Collier County also has a prescription assistance program for eligible adults ages 18-64 who have no insurance, have been denied Medicaid and are low income or 150% of the federal poverty limit. Applicants need to have a prescription from a Collier County physician. Call 239-252-2273. There is a $5 co-pay for each prescription.

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