Through October 18th, Safety Life and Health Medical Supply (SLH) will donate $100 worth of personal protective equipment (PPE) to any U.S. business who visits the Collier County Medical Society PPE Online Store to claim their supplies. After the 18th new customers receive 10% off their orders.

“The whole mission and vision of SLH, is to ‘give back first’, and worry about profit later. We have donated, so far, over $800,000 worth of PPE … We are doing even more this time: we are donating to every business that signs up, $100.00 in PPE free – and you don’t have to buy anything from us, we want to give it away,” said Michael Pelletz, founder and owner of SLH.

To claim the $100 in free PPE, businesses should visit and shop for PPE and safety supplies. During checkout, use code: “colliercms” then choose “business type”. Supplies include masks, gowns, sanitizer, bouffant caps, booties, and more. Clear, transparent masks are also now available, for those who need their expressions and speech to be seen.

This program of $100 of protective equipment for free is designed to right-size businesses’ PPE purchases and help smaller organizations find a supplier that will sell them smaller quantities that make sense for their staff and for their budget.

On any additional sales, SLH will also donate 10% back to CCMS. Be sure to use code: “colliercms” at checkout then choose business type. For more COVID-19 resources, visit